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Designer, lecturer, gardener


I touch nature. Nature touches me.

Back to my roots at Lake Constance

A long, international journey through life has brought me back to my homeland after 30 years away, back to the origins of my ancestors, who had had a close relationship with nature for generations.

I studied design in London and worked in agencies there for many years and taught design at the University of Arts, but I always came back to the best designer,our nature.


Beauty is in the starry sky, in ice crystals, even in the home salad bed. Snail shells and galaxies are light years apart - and yet they have something in common: their spiral shape. This is no coincidence, both are built on the same principle. Apart from the identical design language, something else connects the earthly and the heavenly structure: they look beautiful to us humans.

In 2010 I came back to the lake. A 90 sqm piece of historical garden, part of the Menzinger Gardens, in the middle of the old town of Überlingen, helped me in my first attempts to design a garden. But soon I realized that my plants and I needed more space. 

On a walk I discovered a fallow, neglected meadow. 3000 square meters were waiting for me and the plants. Within 2 weeks the owner gave me the right to use it.  

My Garden of Eden

Inspired by the principles of Permaculture I started to convert this meadow in autumn 2014 with the help of nature. The splendor of the plants that reveals itself anew every year finally gives me this long-awaited strength and peace. 

It is very important to me to share this experience with others and to found a country garden movement that fights against monoculture and makes our environment worth living in again for all living beings.

With kind regards from the garden

Sonja Frick

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