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Sonja Frick

Designer, lecturer, gardener

I touch nature. Nature touches me.


I have created my own Garden of Eden.

Back to my roots

A long, international journey through life, has brought me back to my homeland after 30 years being away, back to the origins of my ancestors.

It took many years to cut the cord from my adopted home, the multicultural cosmopolitan city of London.

In addition to my professional career as a designer and lecturer at the University of Arts London, I have courses at the anthroposophic Emerson College  in bio-dynamic cultivation.

In 2010 I came back to the lake in Überlingen. A 90 sqm piece of historical garden, part of the Menzinger Gardens, in the middle of the city, helped me in my first attempts at designing a garden. But soon I realized that my plants and I needed more space. 

On a walk I discovered a fallow, neglected meadow. 3000 square meters were waiting for me and the plants. Within 2 weeks the owner gave me the right to use it.  

Inspired by the principles of PermacultureI started to convert this meadow at the Schreibersbildkapelle in autumn 2014 with the help of the bode creatures. ThePlant-

splendor that reveals itself anew every year finally gives me this long-awaited strength and peace. 

It is very important to me to share this experience with others and to found a country garden movement that fights against monoculture and makes our environment worth living in again for all living beings.

With warm regards from the garden

Sonja Frick


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Meine Oase

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